Out with the Old, In with the New

shutterstock_90152539This post was going to be a big, fat good riddance to 2014–a.k.a. the year that just kept getting worse–but instead of blathering on about the negative, I’ve decided to focus solely on the positive instead.

Because the quality of the good far outweighs the quantity of the bad, which can be all chalked up to character-building experiences. Nothing more.

So here goes:

  1. My oldest son married his sweetheart, and they brought a sweet, perfect little baby girl into the world.
  2. My younger daughter and son and the rest of my small but close circle of family and friends continue to be healthy and happy and an endless source of love, joy and some serious belly laughs.
  3. I released three new stories and wrapped up two series, both of which I happen to be very proud. And while writing was slow for me the second half of the year, I have ideas for two more three-book series in the future.

Yes, 2014 stunk otherwise, but I made it through with my sanity mostly intact. (Okay, maybe not intact, but I believe it can still be resuscitated.) This New Year’s Eve, maybe more than any other in the past, feels like a very big turning point in my life.

I may have let things certain get out of control last year, but the reins are still within my reach. Other events that inadvertently impacted my life were never mine to control in the first place, but how I continue to react to them is all my own choice.

I know nothing is going to be magically fixed by the turning of the clock at midnight, but I’m feeling far more prepared to take control of the things that are mine to control, let go of whatever isn’t mine to fix, and I’m more than ready to tackle whatever the year ahead has in store for me.

However you celebrate New Year’s Eve, I hope it’s a happy and safe one for you.

Looking forward to spending 2015 with you!

XX ~ Jayne

Happy Holidays!!!



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