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What’s New ~ The October Edition

Witch WreathDo you love my wreath? Darling Middle Child made it for me for my birthday. The Witch–as they say–is always in at my house. *wink* I love it so much I might keep it up year ’round.

I miss my kids being little this time of year. Most years it was a lot of fun picking out their costumes, figuring out which neighborhood (ours, Grammy’s, or a friend’s) was going to be the most lucrative when it came to bringing in the biggest candy haul.

And with three kids, there was plenty to share with The Momma, whether they were aware of just how much I snuck out of their stash or not. (hehehe)

Sweet grandbaby is still too young for trick-or-treating, but I’m looking forward to whatever costume her parents decide to dress her up in. She’s going to be stinkin’ adorable, no matter what. And I don’t think I’m being biased when I say that. Hmm mmm… not at all.

Do you celebrate Halloween? If you do, what’s your all-time favorite costume?

Autumnal Equinox

Sing along with me… “It’s the MOST wonderful time of the yeeeeaar…”

I love this spooky pic… don’t you?

I know, wrong song for the season, but I gotta follow my heart on this one.

Comfy jeans. Cozy sweaters. Cool mornings that somehow make that first cup of hot coffee extra delicious. Halloween is on the way (I might already have my decorations up), followed by that crazy day where we stuff ourselves silly and give thanks yoga pants are now totally acceptable holiday attire.

Wait… maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I love the Fall holidays. I love Christmas, and New Year’s Eve is a night I look forward to every year, whether I have plans or not. (Actually, now that I’m an old lady, my favorite plans are a night in with some favorite old movies, a big bowl of popcorn, and a glass of wine or four. Wild and crazy, right?)

Winter is another story. But we won’t talk about that now. I’m totally in denial that we’re going to have one at all this year. My New Year’s wish is going to be that we skip snow completely. Just once. That’s all I ask. And I’m askin’ real nice like.

Are you looking forward to Fall as much as I am, or are you already weepy-eyed over the very thought of having to put your flip-flops away until next year?


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