In Memorium

This is not a sad post. I promise.

My Grandma passed away last month. This is not a sad post because she lived a very full life, exactly the way she wanted to live it (much to her family’s dismay, at times). In her 84 years she was married twice (first to my Grandpa, the second many years after he passed), four children, eleven grandchildren, fourteen great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter.

She was tiny but loud, and opinionated in ways that could make you cringe at times, but she was funny as hell and there was always a good time to be had when the family got together. She had a large circle of friends, kept a regular lunch routine that got her out of the house every day during the week (even after she should have stopped driving), crocheted those stripe-y zigzag afghans that were coveted by everyone, and she loved her paperback romance novels.

Throughout the years I watched countless numbers of romances grace the end table next to her recliner. She was my introduction to the romance genre. When I would spend the night at my grandparents’ house I was allowed to go into the living room and turn on Saturday morning cartoons to keep myself entertained until they woke up. (I was a much earlier riser than either of them.) I knew at an early age what those books were, and I would always try to sneak peeks inside the racy covers.

My Grandpa, who slept on the couch for as long as I could remember, would invariably scare the bejeesus out of my by grumbling “Put that down, you’re too young for that crap.” when I thought he was fast asleep. (He was super good at playing ‘possum.)

But the love of romance was planted, and for that as well as the MANY other things I learned from her, I am grateful to have called her my Grandma.

What’s New – The November Edition

vintage turkey dinnerMy posting schedule will be changing, starting this month. Instead of trying–and sometimes failing–to write a blog post every week, I will be posting news and updates on the first Wednesday of every month instead.

Publishing-wise, things have slowed down for me quite a bit. Pure Lust (go HERE for more info) was the last new release I had scheduled for the time being. That being said, I’m currently working on the first book of a new, category-length series about three really sexy brothers–all of them former Marines.

In my last post I wrote that I was hoping to have the first book out the door by Halloween, but that turned out to be an unrealistic expectation on my part. Hang in there with me, please. I’m working really hard on making this next book well worth the wait. ;)

While I am NOT looking forward to winter–especially if we get a repeat of the nightmarish snow levels we had here in Ohio last year–I do love the winter holidays. I’m already planning for Thanksgiving dinner, but I haven’t done a thing about Christmas yet. What can I say? I’m a pantser at heart.

This song is on my playlist for the story I’m currently writing. It’s an oldie, but one of my all-time favorites. (I miss Michael Hutchence. <3 )


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