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I’m Back!!!

b&w stripey heartSo… my September hiatus turned out to be not so much of a hiatus. I may have gotten on my social media. (I took cute pics that I simply HAD to post.) And I may have written some words on my next manuscript. It’s my muse’s fault. (For the writing, not the social media lapse.) She has a funny sense of humor. And by funny I mean twisted. I said I was taking a month off and she went and got all inspired on me.

That’s not to say I didn’t get some much needed downtime as well. I was able to spend lots of time with my darling granddaughter on the weekends. She’s at the stage where she can focus her attention better, and she coos and smiles. Not just the occasional gas bubble smile either. It’s the real deal, my friends. She has stolen my heart.

My son the Marine came home for a week. He’s been training in a handful of different states the past nine months–Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas. It was wonderful to have him home. I think he got taller while he was gone. Since he was at 6’3″ the last time I saw him, that means he’s getting really tall.

All in all, September was amazing. Even though I didn’t take every day off, and I didn’t get nearly as far into my TBR list as I would have liked, I did refill the creative well. And my happy self is already back to work on the next book.

Have a great week!

<3 ~ Jayne


September Hiatus

heart balloonAfter one freaky-wild roller coaster ride of a year that started with my youngest child leaving for the Marine Corp one year ago today and ended with me losing my beloved Ellora’s Cave editor last month–with all kinds of crazy of both the wonderful and horrible varieties in between–I have decided to take the rest of the month of September off.

It’s time to fill the well with love, my friends.

I’ll be stepping back from all social media–Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (eep) and Instagram. Not that I’m a huge social butterfly, but the lurking/liking/occasionally commenting/sharing takes up quite a bit of time.

What will I be doing instead? Reading. Knitting. Snuggling my sweet grandbaby as much as her parents will let me. Establishing an exercise routine–because I turn forty-five in two days and weigh two hundred and thirty pounds, and I’ll never reach my goal of seeing my granddaughter turn my current age if I don’t get my shit together, people.

I will be back with a fresh new post Wednesday October 1st, followed by a fresh new release Friday October 3rd.

See you on the other side!

XX ~ Jayne



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