Looking Forward with Open (and naked) Eyes


Please excuse the previous negative post. I’m usually super optimistic when New Year’s Eve rolls around, especially if the year was a rough one.

It’s been a few rough years for me, and I guess I was feeling especially beaten down by 2016. The hits kept right on coming, and I don’t mean just the incredible number of talented public figures from my barely middle-aged generation that we lost.

But for as many personal lows I experienced, there were just as many highs. I got to enjoy the privilege of watching my beloved granddaughter turn two, and I get to be a regular part of her life. I started a new job that I love, which is all the sweeter because I went through hell working at the last place. I moved around a couple of times, but after falling pretty hard off the sanity wagon, I’m back on my feet and feeling pretty steady.

And isn’t that something we all want in life?

My family and friends are healthy and a constant source of love, and I thank God for them.

There were things I wanted to start doing before the calendar turned over to 2017–eat less, exercise more, write consistently–but they didn’t happen, so I’m going to go ahead and call them my New Year’s Resolutions.

win_20170102_20_23_49_pro-2I’m also thinking about going Alicia Keys on the world and embracing her no-makeup approach to beauty. Admittedly, I rarely wore anything more than powder and mascara, if I managed to put those on before I left the house. I just need to get over these crazy white eyebrows and lashes I have now.

What are you looking forward to in the new year?