What’s Going On?

There’s not much to tell right now, but I wanted to post an update anyway.

At the moment I have two projects in the works. First, I am going through my Lust for Life series, making little tweaks and adjustments, shopping for line editors and cover artists, and getting it polished to self-published. As of this moment, the plan is to publish the LfL series and my Mischievous Matchmaker series as box sets.

I’m also still working on the first book of what could be the first of three three-book series of longer titles. It’s been slow going for several reasons, so please be patient with me. I’m in love with the characters, and am looking forward to sharing their stories with you as soon as I can.

And, last but not least, Happy Spring!!! I hope yours is off to a wonderful start. It’s raining love here!

XX ~ Jayne